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Swim Better: A Guide to Greater Efficiency for Swimmers and Instructors

Adults who struggle to swim with long and relaxed strokes will welcome the recent publication of Swim BetterA Guide to Greater Efficiency for Swimmers and InstructorsVeteran college instructor/coach Bob Colyer teaches a simple but disciplined process of unlearning old skills and relearning new ones by understanding two fundamentals and following two rules. 

The book has been endorsed enthusiastically by representatives of several teaching and coaching organizations and is available from most booksellers and online.

Swim Better

Q & A with Bob Colyer, author of Swim Better: A Guide to Greater Efficiency for Swimmers and Instructors

Just what is swimming better?

Better swimming is improved efficiency in the water. Better swimmers are both more relaxed and able to cover more distance with each stroke.

Is it difficult to accomplish?

Swim Better involves understanding two Fundamentals and applying two Rules to achieve efficient swim strokes, all of which start off the same way.

Is Swim Better intended to replace what has been taught by the American Red Cross?

No. Almost all of the ARC’s 80,000 Water Safety Instructors are non-professional volunteers, and the vast majority of them teach children to swim. The ARC emphasis is, properly, more on water safety than on stroke efficiency. Swim Better is directed toward adult (teen-age and up) swimmers who struggle to varying degrees. Nevertheless, Swim Better does include a wealth of information and technique that can help WSI’s become better instructors.

How does Swim Better relate to competitive swimming?

While competitive swimmers can benefit, Swim Better is written for the much larger world of non-competitors who simply want to become better swimmers, and for instructors to help them do so.

How is Swim Better different from other books of swimming instruction?

Fish swim efficiently by presenting a narrow profile as they progress. From this and other examples, Swim Better’s Rule 1, “Make It Different,” is applied to all strokes, beginning each with an underwater push-off and glide on the side. Swim Better includes an Appendix chapter that scientifically supports this approach to unlearning and relearning skills.

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